About Gospel Halls

There are many thousands of Gospel Hall assemblies of Christians throughout the world. They may be known by names other than Gospel Hall - such as Gospel Church, Evangelical Church or by some Bible name like Bethesda Hall or Ebenezer Hall or names after some street or place eg Anniesland Hall.

Sometimes such assemblies of Christians are called “ Christian Brethren” which are appropriate Bible words.

The origin of the Christian church is described in the book of ”Acts” in the Bible where the fledgling church was characterised by simplicity, zeal and dedication. The Gospel Hall movement came about in the early 1800’s when there were senior members of established churches who challenged many practices in terms of their Biblical basis and as a result there were many hundreds of evangelical assemblies of Christians that sprang up across the UK and Ireland and then to USA, Canada and beyond. Gospel Halls are characterised by being independent of each other or any central body. They meet and function without any form of religious ritual and are dependent on their own lay preachers to conduct services.


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